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Leitat is a private no profit RTO with more than 110 years of valuable experience in industrial innovation. We transform technological solutions and scientific results into economic and competitive values for our clients and collaborating entities. LEITAT is strongly committed to over 1500 customers that benefit from our creative and innovative solutions.

We bring added value to our customers by delivering technological innovations through applied research and development activities in areas including advanced materials, advanced manufacturing, renewable energies, storage system, circular economy, sustainability and biotechnology. We rely upon our 240 highly skilled team members who deliver flexible and innovative solutions in the face of any industrial challenge.

Leitat is the operator and promoter of the IAM 3D Hub (International Advanced Manufacturing 3D Hub). It main mission is to accelerate the adoption and development of additive manufactured and 3D printed technologies in European Union’ manufacturing sectors as an alternative way to design, develop and manufacture new competitive products and services that strengthens their competitiveness. IAM is a digital innovation hub and competence center in additive manufacturing that will provide SMEs access to a one-stop shop for assessing, guiding and addressing their needs in AM.


    Leitat is the coordinator and only partner of HAIRD project achieving a smart and friendly aircraft seating design. Moreover, HAIRD’s seating has a weight of 8.5kg (economy class) and 10kg (economy class plus), 90% of weight recyclable, maximum reduction of metallic components and it is easy to dismantle. All these points have been achieved reducing complexity and using composite materials in all principal structures.


    Role in the project

    LEITAT is the only beneficiary of the previous project to design the aircraft seating, named HAIRD. In HAIRMATE, LEITAT will be in charge of:

    • Analysis of HAIRD design to manufacturing.
    • 1Life Cycle Assessment data analysis and collection of mould production
    • Life Cycle Assessment data analysis and collection of seating manufacturing
    • Fire test on coupon level
    • Dissemination and Exploitation
    • Management and Coordination


    ALPEX is working as an engineering and manufacturing partner for turn key solutions in the field of tools and jigs for industrialized CFRP parts productions. Starting from conception phase, ALPEX works together with customers and partners on development of high efficient tooling systems and manufactures them with high-end machining from milling mold to quality assurance.

    The 3 main areas of activity are: automotive, aerospace and space. ALPEX is involved in R&D activities from national to international to constantly improve the portfolio and develop toolings above the state-of-the-art.

    Core competences are:

    1. Engineering from concepts to detailed 3D final design engineering
    2. Efficient use of high end workmenship
    3. Reliable project managment
    4. Quality Assurance
    5. R&D on composite manufacturing processes, automation and industrialization


    Role in the project

    Design and manufacturing of the moulds in WP1 will be done by ALPEX


    The University of Girona (UdG) is based in Girona (Catalonia) and has been a part of the Spanish public university system since 1992. It is a multidisciplinary University as it offers degrees in Human Sciences, Life Sciences, Business, Law, Medicine and Engineering.

    The research group AMADE (Analysis and Advanced Materials for Structural Design) belongs to the Department of Mechanical Engineering of UdG. AMADE’s research focuses on the study and analysis of composite materials, being the main objective of the research performed in the group the development of the tools that enable the efficient and reliable design of advanced composite structures. The research lines of AMADE can be split into the following:

    1. The development of numerical methods and constitutive models for the simulation of the mechanical behaviour of composite materials and their virtual testing.
    2. The development of the experimental methods required to understand the behaviour of composite materials and feed the numerical models.


    Role in the project

    The main contributions of AMADE-UdG is the leadership of WP3, focused on testing. AMADE-UdG will provide guidance and expertise in composite material characterization, as well as for dissimilar joints (metal- composite) characterization. AMADE-UdG will execute the mechanical characterization tests.

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